We embrace the independence, focus and wisdom of our pre-schooler.

For us, preschool means the elders of our setting. They are maturing and becoming increasingly independent, focused, and wise.

Their skills in early literacy and numeracy are beginning to blossom and they demonstrate a multitude of ways to solve problems, make plans and reach a target.

Our framework ensures a dedicated focus in children’s early literacy and numeracy abilities appropriate for each individual child.

The White Dove pre-school programme aids a life-time love of learning and will prepare your child for entry into school, whatever the curriculum.

We ensure a broad and balanced approach to your child’s increasing independence and problem solving abilities as well as equipping them with the necessary social and personal skills to help them cope well with change, challenge, conflict, and choice.

Whilst the core curriculum is taught in English, the child’s native language will always be cherished to ensure that all children feel included, safe, accepted and understood. Nursery classes onwards will be introduced to the Arabic language through engaging and fun-filled activities.

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White Dove Nursery

Welcome to White Dove Nursery, a preschool where every new day heralds a journey of exploration and experiential fun. A haven of learning where discoveries are interwoven with knowledge and joy. We will provide an enriching and nurturing experience for your child.

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