Preparing Yourself for Nursery

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As much as we need to prepare our children for nursery, we must also take the effort to prepare ourselves as parents. As soon as the child is born, parents spend every minute of the day with them. Having to drop them off on their first day of nursery and say goodbye can be quite emotional, and that’s perfectly normal!

Here are some ways parents can prepare themselves (along with their children). Start by talking to other parents whose children already go to nursery, you will learn a lot from their experiences. Visiting the nursery is also a must, as then you can put your anxieties to rest. Meet with the staff and have a good look around the place. Once you see that your child will actually enjoy being there, you will feel much better about it. Ask your nursery what is their steps of transitioning.

Preparing as parents goes hand in hand with preparing the children.

Take the advice you are giving them and apply it to yourself – be excited about all the new friends and new skills your child is going to be exposed to.

It is also a good idea for parents to begin leaving their children with other family members or trusted friends for a few hours every week, so that you both get used to being by yourselves.

Make a list of the things you are going to do when your child is at nursery. It is important to keep yourself occupied, be productive, and find a new routine. If you work in an office, take your favourite photograph of them for your desk so you don’t feel like they are out of your sight.

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