Dealing With Separation Anxiety

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The first day of nursery should be a fun and exciting time, and most often it is. However there are challenges for the children and parents too. Separation anxiety maybe experienced by some children especially if this is the first time away from mummy and daddy. It can be heart-breaking to see your child cry, but there are ways to help them cope with separation anxiety.

Start talking to your toddler about nursery with enthusiasm, before nursery starts. Use phrases like “Oh nursery is going to be so much fun with all the new friends you make!”, there are some good books out there too with stories about starting nursery which will help. If your child is too young to understand, it’s a good idea to begin introducing them to being around other adults and children.

Take them to play dates, or even leave them for a few hours a week with another family member or friend you trust. This is so they (and you) get used to the idea of being without each other around. This will also reinstate the idea to the child mum or dad will come back to get them and they’re not leaving them forever.

Take time out to visit the nursery and meet with the teachers beforehand. Maybe you know other children who may be attending and get them to come along too for a show around.

One thing you must keep in mind is to not pass on your own anxiety to your child. Stay happy and excited and your child will see there’s nothing to worry about!

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