Getting Your Immunisations Right

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Immunisations are a crucial requirement for babies and young children, and parents should pay attention to the country’s rules. Here’s a gist of what you should be doing:

The rules surrounding immunisation of young babies in the UAE is very clear: all parents need to provide a record of the child’s immunisation history when they enrol at a nursery. “WHO” and “UNICEF” believe that as many as 2 - 3 million child deaths are prevented every year as the result of immunisation programmes around the world. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have created an immunisation schedule to ensure all children are vaccinated against twelve life-threatening diseases. Click here to know more.


If your baby is born in the UAE, the first vaccinations come at birth and cover Tuberculosis (known as the BCG vaccination) and Hepatitis B. If your child was born outside of the UAE and didn’t receive these vaccinations, speak to your doctor at the earliest to work out a catch-up schedule.


Should your child have missed out on any part of the recommended immunisation schedule, a catch-up programme can be initiated. You will need to speak to your doctor about this as the schedule will change based on the history of vaccinations your child has had.


There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding immunisation programmes and parents in some countries choose not to immunize their children. To read up on the facts regarding immunisation you should refer to the WHO website.

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