Have fun getting messy but stay safe

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Have fun getting messy but stay safe


Keeping kids clean and germ-free is a 24-hour job, but just how much is enough, is the question. Sandcastles, mud kitchens, and life with pets, are all an important part of childhood experiences.


Don’t be afraid to let your child get immersed in messy play, in fact, if you can let go of the thoughts of the after activity clear up and immerse yourself too, you will find it a fun and enriching experience.


It is important however, to make your little one aware of the basics of personal hygiene. Talking to kids about germs, infections, and how to prevent them, helps not only with their hygiene, but also their social behaviour.


Make handwashing after toileting, before meals and after messy or outdoor play a ritual. Talk about other good practices like drinking clean water from clean cups, washing fruit before eating or disposing of garbage properly.

Here are some interesting games you can play to teach important hygiene lessons - http://www.livestrong.com/article/104096-games- teach-kids- personal-hygiene/



Getting messy with the kids is such fun, we should all do it more often!

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