Bedtime stories create lifetime memories

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Bedtime rituals are such an important part of daily life, for adults and children alike. Consistency is key in a child’s EarlyYears; it’s important that bedtime rituals remain the same,whatever the day’s events bring. It is the time for a soothing interaction, and the settling down for a sound night’s sleep.

Story time at the end of the day holds particular significance for your child. They know they have your undivided attention, and as the stories unfold they bring laughter, curiosity, and learning, creating life-time memories. 

It is never too early to start bedtime stories. In the Early Years, colour and even texture, will engage your child, they will begin to recognise these, and as time progresses letters and phonetics too. The story also opens the door for discussion, and as the story telling goes on don’t be afraid to interject with questions, for example, “Oh what you think might happen next?”, or “What would you feel if that happened to you?” If you are raising a bi-lingual child, reading to them in different languages brings such wonderful opportunities too for their learning and development.

Today, there are so many wonderful child friendly books to choose from. Check out for inspiration, and set your child on the path for a life-time love of reading.

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