Want to stay fit? Then just play!

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  Today parents are constantly at odds with technology as children lean toward more and more time behind the screen. The sedentary nature of these desk-top activities mean that today, kids are missing out on vital physical activity. Outdoor play and daily exercise are essential for our children’s overall health, so what can we do to encourage them? 
Start by making it fun. Get involved, and lead by example. They will love your attention, it will create opportunities for bonding, and of course you get fit too. Kick a ball around, have a relay race, or hit the bike track, and best of all, theseactivities are free.
A few years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched an America-wide campaign titled “Let’s Move”. Its aim has beento spread awareness about child obesity and the lack of physical exercise children (and adults!) are getting these days. Read more on her campaign here
How Can You Get More Active?
Here are some cool ways that you can get a lot more exercise, and end up spending plenty of quality time with children too!

Look around your house. How can you make it a little more physical? We are all designed to make life as simple and as lazy as possible, but we can make a conscious effort to change that. Do you have space for a trampoline? What about a basketball hoop? How about clearing up some space in your living room to create a makeshift dance floor? If you look for ways, you’ll find them!


Use your surroundings. Bring it into your routine to take daily walks with children. Find the local park and walk to it. Perhaps you could skate there, or ride a bike there. Whatever you do, leave the car behind! Is there a dance class near your home? Go visit!


Do you have a dog? Excellent! Your dog can get the exercise they need too! Get children to help with pets and take them for walks with you. Another great way is to involve children in household chores. Get them to mop or do the dishes, mow the garden or clean out the pool along with you. You’ll both be sweating in no time, you get some help, and your kids learn too!



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