Balancing Work And Quality Time With Our Children

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With both parents working these days, spending quality time with children has become scarce. Juggling work and household responsibilities is harder than it sounds. Couples sometimes find it hard to spend quality time with each other, let alone their children!
Another emotion that busy parents often have to deal with is guilt. A large number of parents feel they should be spending more time with their children, but are bogged down by other responsibilities. This doesn’t stem just from feeling social pressure to be around children more – parents actually do want to watch their children grow and have more time to spare.

Well worry not, because there are ways to make whatever time you do spend with them memorable.

An article published in the Washington Post last year talks about quality trumping quality. We’ve outlined some of our favourite “quality time” ideas below.


To this day, I remember the stories that my mother read to me when I was 5 years old. I don’t remember the times she was probably not there – my brain remembers how I felt, the giggles, the night lamp, the hot chocolate, and even the details of the stories. Reading to your children creates strong memories and also stirs creativity and imagination. Choose reading over podcasts or television, as you get to emote and share reactions with your child!

The easiest way to teach our children to do chores? Get them involved! You can make games out of doing chores so it becomes fun for them. It is important for them to understand that helping around the house is everyone’s responsibility. Chat with them while working, go to th


e supermarket together and get them to help you pick out food, cook together. Not only do you teach each other something, your child will feel a lot closer to you if he/she feels involved with the adults. 


When you come back from work and pick your child up from nursery, ask them how their day was – ask them questions about their friends, teachers, food, what they did at the playground. Showing them you are interested in their lives will lead to “quality” time spent together. Give them your undivided attention when you chat – make them feel like there’s nothing else in the world that’s more important than talking to them at that moment. Also tell them about your day!




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