Why White Dove Nursery?

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Our question to you as a parent is why White Dove nursery?  And our answer is, why not?


Choosing the right nursery can be an extremely difficult decision when that time comes. As a parent the main focus at this age is usually the safety of their child. 


Looking for a nursery is a rather time consuming process to the extent that it can be so frustrating trying to meet all your requirements.


So the big question is; where to send your child and prepare them on their learning journey?


In the early years there really doesn’t need to be so much emphasis put on to which curriculum to choose, as there are so many to choose from, the choices range from British to American and everything else in between, but basically they are virtually all the same.


There are a number of different educational philosophies that I have found to be prevalent here in Dubai. Parents think that they need to choose the correct curriculum for their child from ‘nursery’ age but this is simply not true. When it boils down to it the early years is mainly focused on building a happy, healthy and secure foundation and here at White Dove that is our main goal. Your child is our first priority and we will ensure that once your child turns the age of having to secure a place at ‘big’ school then they will be ready both mentally and physically.


Children’s minds are like sponges; they can grasp more than we actually think they can. They can take in so much information; process it and then expel what they have learnt.


White Dove nursery; works under the Bidayaat philosophy they say, “Like Reggio and Montessori, Bidayaat acknowledges that children are filled with questions and the adult role is to ensure children have opportunities to find the answers.  The Bidayaat curriculum goes further than EYFS to ensure every element of the day is centred on the needs and interests of every child.  Preschool graduates leave with internationally recognised assessments from the UK.”


Living in Dubai and having such young children experience these pressures of having to sit assessments can be such a traumatic experience for the child, and also for the parent. At such an early age they are expected to enter a school, and have their knowledge and understanding of the world to be full and foremost. But in reality their world has mainly been with their family and friends.


Our goal at White Dove will be to make this learning path one that is relaxed in the knowledge that ‘we’ are nurturing your child’s needs, and guiding your child through their inquisitiveness journey in life. 

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