Learning Environment & Facilities

The environment offers endless opportunities for learning through play.

At White Dove Nursery doors, a world of discovery awaits. Our bright, wide open spaces, and cosy corners encourage the children to get lost in their own world of exploration.

Our classrooms are large and bright and designed to enable individual and group choices where children feel a sense of home and are safely challenged to explore, experiment and interact with their own library, light boxes and manipulative materials.

We have other special play areas too which give the children multiple choices, space, and control for their preferred activities. Here there are different opportunities for sharing, discovery, and problem solving.

We know children love to move around so we have designed an outdoor space that is safe yet provides an element of challenge. The outdoor space evolves as the weekly schedule progresses to keep the children enthralled and stimulated.

Our Messy Play Space provides a mud kitchen, water, and sand play for messy play and space to create spontaneous works of art.

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White Dove Nursery

Welcome to White Dove Nursery, a preschool where every new day heralds a journey of exploration and experiential fun. A haven of learning where discoveries are interwoven with knowledge and joy. We will provide an enriching and nurturing experience for your child.

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