Que :   What curriculum do you follow?
Ans :   The White Dove approach to learning is best described as a 'blended' curriculum. That is, we capture the curriculum practices of HighScope and the framework of the EYFS (British Early Years Foundation Stage). These sit on top of our principle philosophy 'The Rights of the Child' and our teaching approach of Reggio Emilia.

In essence The White Dove 'blended' curriculum focuses on the child as a 'whole', it is a child-led approach which enables the child to fully benefit from the learning opportunities presented.

Que :   What food is provided for my child?
Ans :   Children bring their own breakfast and lunch.

Que :   What if my child is not potty trained?
Ans :   This is not a problem. When your child is ready, we will work with you to help you train him/her. Up until the point of potty training our caring skilled staff are there to care for your child’s toileting needs.

Que :   Do you provide transport to the Nursery?
Ans :   For transport enquiries ask out Registrar.

Que :   What should my child wear to the Nursery?
Ans :   Although uniforms are not mandatory for the Toddler/Nursery class, it is certainly an option for your child to wear one. In any event clothing must be comfortable and for safety reasons please avoid buckles, belts and other design elements such as fringes, tags, loops, and hoods. We also recommend that parents bring a spare change of clothes. Options are available for uniforms. Ask our registrar for information.

Que :   If my child cries when I leave him is it all right for me to stay with him?
Ans :   We do not advise you stay with your child. It is best for them to become confident in their new environment and learn to trust our staff. It is natural for a child to cry when being separated from their parents. Our staff are ready to comfort your child and help them settle into the nursery. If your child does become distressed in anyway, please be assured that we will call you and ask you to come in to the Nursery. Saying this we also offer a transition week, where you and your child will stay together in the classroom for a 3 day period, for a shorter time frame.

Que :   What if my child is unwell?
Ans :   In the event that your child has a fever, an infectious condition or has vomited or had diarrhea within 24 hours, we ask that you keep him / her at home for 24 hours after symptoms have ceased to recuperate. This protects your child and all children at the Nursery. Once your child is free from fever or vomiting / diarrhea 24 hours afterwards, we welcome him / her back to the nursery. If your child had an infectious condition ( hand foot and mouth, conjunctivitis, chickenpox etc.), you must provide the office with a certificate from a doctor indicating that your child is free from the contagious condition before he or she can return.
Please ask the nursery nurse if you have any questions. You can call the nursery or email

Que :   How do you communicate a child’s progress to parents?
Ans :   Every child has a daily communication book in which the teacher writes a summary of the activities for the day. Besides this, we send regular newsletters and other communications to parents outlining the activities. The parent section of our website is regularly updated with blogs and announcements.

Que :   When is your nursery closed during the year?
Ans :   Our Nursery is open all year round, apart from statutory UAE holidays and two days over the Christmas period as we offer camps in the term breaks.

Que :   Do I have to send my child all five days?
Ans :   We offer 3 and 5 days a week options for younger children. However, children (3 years and above) should attend five days a week in order to fully benefit from our programme and to help with settling in.

Que :   Do you have a pool?
Ans :   No, for safety reasons we do not have a pool however we have a special water feature for playing.

Que :   How are the classes staffed?
Ans :   In the baby room, we have a ratio of 1:2 babies. In the Toddler 1:3 ratio and Nursery 1:4 ratio. For Preschool the ratio is 1:7.

Que :   Are all your staff qualified?
Ans :   Yes, the teacher’s and teaching assistants all hold a qualification in education, or child care. In the baby room, we have qualified pediatric nurses and nursery nurses.

Que :   How many staff are native English speakers?
Ans :   There is a native English speaker in each class at the nursery. 

Que :   What happens if my child becomes sick or injured at the nursery?
Ans :   We have a qualified pediatric staff nurse on hand to deal with minor problems. We will notify you straight away should your child become sick during the day. If you cannot be contacted, we will call the nominated person you stipulate, as your emergency contact.

Que :   What happens if my child needs medication during the day?
Ans :   Our pediatric staff nurse is on hand to administer medication during the day, provided you have signed a consent form.

Que :   Do you have a nursery doctor?
Ans :   Yes we do. She makes a regular monthly visit. Along with our nurse, she will discuss any health issues with you and will be happy to advise.

Que :   Do you cater for children with special needs?
Ans :   We do have an inclusive policy and are happy to include children who will gain from our nursery environment. However, enrolment depends on the severity of the special needs, and how we can best accommodate the child and cater for his/her needs – we must always do what is in their best interests.

Que :   Can parents visit the nursery?
Ans :   We have an open door policy – parents are welcome to visit us at any time during our opening hours.

Que :   When it is my child’s birthday, can I bring cakes in for the children?
Ans :   Yes that is a lovely idea. But we do discourage sweets as the children tend to get very excited after such treats, and it is also not healthy for them.

Que :   What happens if I am late collecting my child?
Ans :   We ask that you inform us if you are going to be late to collect your child. We can then reassure your child that someone is on the way. Should this become a regular occurrence then we do render a fee for late stay.

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